India ranks #1 among the top 10 countries with the highest number of preterm births.

Preterm birth is a stressful event for families. In particular, the unexpectedly early delivery may cause negative feelings in parents and the fear of losing their child.
Nurturing their babies in their wombs for 9 long months and going through a tough, painful and exhausting labor, finally when the time comes to cradle their babies in the crook of their arms and peak into their shiny, pebble eyes, often mothers have to see their babies from a distance in a small glass box with tubes running from every part of their body. Been given something only for it to be taken away is heart-wrenching, especially when it is your new-born baby.

For many mothers, this is jarring, to say the least. It causes panic in many new parents, not only because of the fear of what has gone wrong with the baby, but also the anxiety of not being with their baby. This is especially true because NICU doesn’t allow people to stand around for the fear of infection and watch their kids like they might in the nursery.

  • 27 million babies are born each year out of which 3.5 million babies are born prematurely.

  • Approximately 1 million children die each year due to complications of preterm birth.

  • 3, 61,600 children under five die due to direct preterm complications.

  • Reasons for Premature Birth Infants Deaths in Low-Income Settings

    Half of the babies born 2 months early face early demise because of

    Diya India Foundation’s New Initiative - Embrace

    Diya India took an initiative and came forward with an idea to save these newborn babies and dreams of their families by distributing cheap and portable baby warmer called Embrace Warmer for new-borns in 3 tier cities and villages where there are no facilities.


    To bring down the rising premature birth infants deaths rate in India due to hypothermia.


    To install over 12 Embrace Warmers within the next 2 months in hospitals that lack proper neonatal care services.


    The cost of 1 embrace warmer is around Rs. 35, 000/- that would accommodate 2 babies simultaneously.
    As per our mission, the total cost of the initiative will be around, Rs. 4, 20, 000/-.
    To accomplish our mission we will need your support and contribution that could save many little lives and provides them with the warmth when they need it the most.

    How Embrace Warmer Would Help Bring Infant Mortality Rate Down?

  • Embrace Nest is one of the low-cost medical equipment which reduces child mortality rate and improves maternal health.

  • In many hospitals in developing countries where the supply of electricity is not steady Embrace Warmer is used for providing warmth to premature infants who are unable to maintain their body temperature.

  • Embrace Warmer maintains the body temperature of premature and low-birth-weight babies at the desired level.

  • Embrace Warmer can be used for holding, feeding, and transporting hypothermic newborns.

  • Diya India Foundation with its new initiative Embrace aims to reduce child mortality, significantly improve neonatal survival outcomes and bring warmth to the new-borns that enter this world early for which they need your support and contribution.

    Support the Cause


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